This blog is for the people who love stories, who love stories about stories, who love pretty phrases and sublime, ephemeral ideas. This blog is for people who, like me, use books to escape, experience, and understand the world.

My pieces tend to muse rather than review. Plots are fun, but the soul of a book is what I find irresistible. I don’t often say a book is bad, because bad, like good, is relative, and you can make up your own mind about it. If it’s truly awful, though, I won’t mince words.

I write because I love literature and language and the brain-stretching challenge of novel perspectives. I write because life could stand a bit of slowing. Reading and then leaving words on a page is the only way I know to edit time.

Start anywhere. Or, search for that book that’s been knocking around your head for a while. New or old, anything is fair game here. And, if you’d like to further discuss books or ideas, reach out to me.

So, step back, sit down, and ponder.


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