I’m on Your Side – Emily J. Vaughan

I’m on Your Side, like this review, is a very quick read. The tone of the prose is perfectly young adult: slightly melodramatic, self-assured yet vulnerable. Reading this book meant taking a step back in time emotionally. I remembered the anger I felt towards the chaos of the world.

Exit West – Mohsin Hamid

Every generation has the option to grow, to adapt, to become stronger. It also has the option to idle, to dig in its heels and pretend a problem will go away if only the symptoms are ignored.

Norse Mythology – Neil Gaiman

Norse gods are odd creatures. They love to make wars and to feast. If you kill one, you might be able to use his blood to make mead. If you drink this mead, you might turn into a poet. Also, a murdered god doesn’t always stay dead.

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