Trigger Warning – Neil Gaiman

It is not that the stories are explicit, it is that they are incisive. Almost every piece cuts deeper than the usual cure - snapping the cover shut - can mend.



Set in Knoxville, Tennessee, As the Sun Smiles follows a character named Alex in a dystopic yet familiar future. Civilization hasn’t yet collapsed into anarchy or surrendered to political tyrants. Instead, social inequalities such as poverty and systemic racism have driven civilians to the most dangerous action of all: inaction.


The Appalachian Trail is a footpath that runs from north Georgia to central Maine. It was established in the 1930s; every year since it has changed just a bit. It will probably always change. The trail, like the land it crosses, can never be truly tamed.


Most adults change the cadence and octave of their natural speaking voice when they address children. They believe that children are bit slower, a bit dumber than they. Mr. Dahl, though, perceives the quickness and brightness of those busy brains.

I’m on Your Side – Emily J. Vaughan

I’m on Your Side, like this review, is a very quick read. The tone of the prose is perfectly young adult: slightly melodramatic, self-assured yet vulnerable. Reading this book meant taking a step back in time emotionally. I remembered the anger I felt towards the chaos of the world.

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